How Customer Centric is Your Company?

Determine in five minutes to what extent the 8 drivers of Customer Centricity apply to your organization.

For the purpose of understanding the Customer Centricity level of your organization, we have developed the Customer Centricity Quick Scan™.

How does it work? The 5-minutes scan is distributed anonymously among leaders and employees of your organization. Each respondent gives his/her perception of each of the 8 drivers of Customer Centricity. The weighted outcome provides an accurate Customer Centricity score of your organization.

Beneath, you can try the quick scan for yourself. In case you are interested in personal feedback, please include your email address when submitting the questionnaire.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your scan score is private and solely used for the calculation of your relative score and your provided email for individual feedback of your score and the quarterly customer-centricity barometer. Neither will be disclosed and/or used for other purposes. For more information, please review our data protection policy: Data Protection Policy→

Participate and compare your organization's Customer Centricity level.

Eight organizational drivers are the key to a high level of Customer Centricity of your organization.

Your score is the weighted outcome of the Quick Scan which determines the extent to which your organization is applying the 8 drivers associated with Customer Centric organizations.