Featured Projects

Disruptive New Venture

Dhiafa.com is a disruptive hospitality platform tapping into unserved needs of consumers and hospitality operators.

Situation - The Saudi Arabia 2030 vision is offering very attractive opportunities in reference to inbound Umrah tourism with the majority of the 1.8Bn Muslims coming from Asia. In addition, the upcoming upper/middle income classes in Asia, combined with increased travel and mobility, will have its impact on the short and long term accommodation many GCC markets, and Dubai specifically.

Solution - Dhiafa.com is an actual example of a disruptive hospitality platform that is answering the specific needs of these travel segments. In addition to its revolutionary technology, it will align consumer needs and hospitality operator goals in a much better and transparent fashion than offered today.

eMs Contribution - Initiated the market assessment│articulated the vision and ambition│delivered the complete business plan including the consumer research, competitive benchmarks, and new product concept development, all the way up to the investors deck.

Currently, we are approaching investors to make this ambition a reality.

Customer Experience Enhancement

Batuta.com offers travelers the best accommodation selection for each occasion.

Situation - Batuta.com was launched in 2012 as a regional Arabic online travel guide (11Mn Arab visitors from over 45 countries in 2016). In 2016, it was agreed to pivot the platform into a commission-based accommodation booking platform. However, this appeared to be costly strategy yielding little revenues.

Solution - To transform batuta.com from a regional online travel guide (11Mn Arab visitors in 2016) into a fully-fledged accommodation booking platform.

eMs Contribution - By means of CEO interim management services, provided hands-on leadership related to a wide variety of strategic, tactical and operational marketing services, beginning with concept and strategy development.

eMs delivered a KSA-based generic growth strategy. Subsequently, conducted a consumer research and competition benchmark revealing new insights potential unserved consumer needs. Piloted the articulated proposition and developed a 5Y business investment plan.

Based on the newly developed strategic direction, the user experience was enhanced. In addition eMs developed to operational content articulation and SEM campaign management in line with agreed key performance indicators.

Disruptive Change

Domoces is an MNC subsidiary company of e-commerce platforms selling DIY home automation solutions and products.

Situation - A global MNC division selling smart home automation products trough traditional DIY chains in Germany was loss-making for a consecutive period of 10 years.

Solution - Complete retreat from traditional DIY retail chains and the establishment of an e-commerce company. Domohaus.de was profitable in 14 months. The second platform rolladen7.de was introduced a few years later and is currently one of the largest e-commerce platforms of DIY home electronics in Central Europe.

eMs Contribution - Market assessment│vision and ambition articulation│ brand strategy and positioning│ customer experience process and the related operational processes│ development of e-commerce platform│establishment of the e-commerce company│ build up a team of on-line marketing / e-commerce experts driving the on-line marketing and e-commerce programs in central Europe.

Brand Portfolio Strategy

Dar Al Riyadh is a pioneer in the development of professional services and solutions for Government, institutions and corporate clients in Saudi Arabia.

Situation - Over the past 40 years, the fast paced organic growth of Dar Al Riyadh meant many new divisions were included in the Dar Al Riyadh brand without enhancing brand management. While many divisions are targeting and servicing the same (semi) Governmental and private sector customers, obvious inconsistencies in service delivery led to conflicting customer experiences at a client's level.

Solution - To review the Dar Al Riyadh brand positioning and to deliver a family branding strategy, policy and service concept with Dar Al Riyadh as the umbrella brand and the divisions as endorsed brands.

eMs Contribution - Initiated a re-positioning strategy of the Dar Al Riyadh brand incl. a coherent umbrella brand positioning│one company-wide service concept, with aligned propositions and corporate governance│developed the operational services processes and SOP’s for each divisional business line to guarantee a seamless customer experience throughout the circle of contact │developed and implemented of a new corporate house style throughout the whole company embodying all communication carriers, including a new corporate web site.

A Customer-Centric B2B Approach

Dar Al Riyadh is a pioneer in the development of professional services and solutions for Government, institutions and corporate clients in Saudi Arabia.

Situation - The bidding process related professional services for (semi)Governmental organizations is long, time consuming and the integral out-of-pocket cost can run easily into six digit numbers' for larger bids. In addition, past customer experiences heavily affect the chance-to-win of future projects/contracts.

Solution - To encompass the customer experience of target clients in accordance with a customer-centric philosophy. Secondly, introduction of a consultative selling strategy to improve the conversion ratio of big-ticket opportunities, resulting into a significantly higher chance-to-win.

eMs Contribution - Delivery of a customer centric program│identification of the factors driving customer satisfaction and retention during the delivery stage of a project, product, or service│conversion of the learnings into enhanced operational customer interface processes│design and introduction of continuous customer satisfaction measurement│identification of opportunities in the early stage by means of a consultative selling methodology providing significant advantage during the bidding stage.

Strategic Change Program

With a solutions portfolio covering more than twenty global brands, Masdar Systems & Solutions has been satisfying client needs of the Governmental, semi-Governmental and private sectors for more than 22 years in Saudi Arabia.

Situation - Due to the changing needs of clients like Aramco, Sabic and Maaden, an increased competition, in combination with insufficient internal prioritization, the company was not achieving the expected financial results.

Solution - A holistic evaluation of each PMC (product/market combination), combined with an internal organizational evaluation, followed by a revised product portfolio, commercial strategy and adjusted internal organization, resulted into a growth of the opportunity funnel by 80% to $480Mn, an increase of the gross margin by 6% points and a 300% increased profitability.

eMs Contribution - Interim Management │an external and internal assessment│a revised commercial strategy│development of a 3Y Strategic Business Plan │all business processes and organization re-engineered│introduction of new roles, new C&B’s, and recruitment of a new general manager.