Disruptive Community-based PaaS Platform

New Ventures

Memberbase after 1.5 years: 600K profiled and active members (1+ visits pm)

Market share within target audience (12-18 years): 80%+ amongst Households with broadband internet

Kaboem.nl was, with more than 600K members, the first and largest teenager community-based PaaS marketing platform of the Netherlands in the year 2002.

Situation - Since the mid-nineties, the internet was gaining traction amongst service -and media companies. Two leading media companies - bookmark.nl and nickelodeon - of the Netherlands had the idea of establishing a digital platform as an extension of the TV media activities. Taco Nieuwenhuijsen, CEO of eMs, was called in to materialize the idea as founding partner and MD.

Solution - An independent branded community-based platform for twins and teenagers to entertain themselves by means of games, music, chatting, contests, sweepstakes, polls, travel, etc. On the other end of the spectrum, Kaboem.nl was a PaaS platform for FMCG/DCG and non-profit organizations to engage with the target audience, to conduct large-scale research, sponsor content, and run complete marketing campaigns, both online and offline combined.

Kaboem.nl was sold successfully to Samona Media in 2004.

eMs Contribution - Conceptualized, designed, built, propelled, and commercialized the platform and organization to over 600K members in 2002.

Propelled the revolutionary online business model: Conception and successful implementation of a CRM based PaaS platform encompassing online market research programs and opinion polls (75+ p.a.), DM-programs and on/offline marketing campaigns (60+ p.a.), product placements and content sponsorships.

Build-up of a strong client portfolio: Reached a steady revenue stream in 2003 with an attractive client portfolio (e.g. T-Mobile, Sony Music, EMI, Mars, Virgin, Walt Disney, Universal, Warner Bros, Clean & Clear, Coca Cola, Nintendo, Fox).