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Why is natural loyalty is the best loyalty?

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Loyalty Strategy & Programs

What We Do

We are helping to create, and grow brand loyalty based on sustainable Customer Centricity concepts, strategies, and best practices.

Our initial focus will always be on developing and nurturing custoemr retention and natural loyalty. When strategically interesting to either leverage the brand or from a competitive perspective necessary depending on the served customer segments and competitive context, we also conceptualize and develop financially attractive loyalty programs.

Database Assessment and Customer Insight Analysis

As a starting point of a customer retention and loyalty strategy we usually conduct a performance review of your existing customer database systems.

Simultaneously, we create new insights in the actual retention -and loyalty levels of the existing customer base, and the related revenue/cost consequences.

Customer Satisfaction Measurement

As a second step, we develop a customer satisfaction measurement strategy and drive an implementation plan along the customer experience journey.

Although the Net Promoter Score is a good starting point to understand potential loyalty and brand advocacy, the drivers of long term loyalty are important to identify in order to give focus to the most relevant loyalty metrics while economizing those that are more peripheral.

Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) Determination

Not all customer relationships are prone to loyalty. Before designing a loyalty strategy, it is of paramount importance to understand and determine the lifespan and to calculate the lifetime value of the served -and potential customer segments. Only when we are able to calculate the NPV of potential future earnings, we are able to understand the ROI of a future investment in a customer retention and loyalty strategy.

Design of Loyalty Concept and Strategy

Our philosophy is that 'the best loyalty is natural loyalty'. Paid loyalty should be always be a second option - and only be put into practice once you are convinced that the long term ROI is positive.

To reach this level of understanding, we firstly create in-depth insight in the customer's decision making journey in relation to the competitive environment, and before deciding on any loyalty concept or strategy.

Loyalty Program Design and Implementation

Together with our partners, we help clients to build integral, cross-functional, and cost-effective loyalty programs. To accomplish this, we firstly create an in-depth understanding of loyalty and traction in relation to new and existing customers.

We also help clients to setup partner programs enabling them to monetize loyalty programs.

Lastly, we help clients to reposition their existing programs to maximize future returns.