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Enhance your Customer's Experience by becoming Customer-Centric

On a daily basis, your brand image is under the influence of customer interactions, other brands, and social media. In today’s world of well-informed customers, your brand image can erode rapidly.

Your brand image is under continuous influence

The essence of a strong brand foundation.

Each positive experience cements the foundation of a strong brand image, leading towards increased customer engagement, retention, and loyalty.

Because today’s experiences set tomorrow’s expectations, you need to improve your customer’s experience every single day. In addition, a disappointed customer is five times more receptive to alternatives than a loyal one.

How do you do this? By ensuring that the whole organization, including all its functions, people and processes, is aligned with your customer's experience. That's what Customer-Centricity is all about.

The Customer-Centricity Principle

Your customer's experience as the center point of your business activities.

Applying the customer-centricity principle at each stage of your business process, means you are providing for operational excellence, exceeding expectations and achieve a higher customer retention.

An organization’s ability to orchestrate eight customer-centric drivers harmoniously along the customer experience (UX) is the key factor of success.

Customer-centric leadership is the first and clearly the most important one. Strategic planning is the second driver ensuring that all functions are aligned with the organization's brand identity, service concept and service delivery standards. Staff engagement is another one of utmost importance.

Customer-centric organizations are well-positioned for:

  • More effective identification and lock-in of new customer segments due to better customer insight.
  • Long-term sustainability resulting from higher customer loyalty and less attrition.
  • Reduced vulnerability to market fluctuations, due to anticipated customer-segment changes.
  • Up to 60% higher profits than peers due to an overall better performance.

The Strategic Role of Encompass Marketing

Enhance your customer’s experience for sustainable results.

Marketing's core role is to aligning and translating the eight drivers of customer centricity into tangible marketing deliverables at all stages of the customer experience process.

Marketing enablers driving customer-centric organizations.

Traditionally, the marketing function is responsible for most customer-centric enablers such as customer research and segmentation, brand positioning and service concept articulation, e-commerce and loyalty management.

The core strategic role of encompass marketing is ensuring that all marketing enablers are aligned in accordance with the customer-centric drivers and embedded in all business and support functions throughout the organization.

Encompass Marketing is optimized once data-driven customer insight becomes the common denominator of all business and support functions at all management stages of an organization.

Organizations that organize themselves around data-enhanced convergence services platforms, are:

  • More successful in gaining and retaining customers.
  • More agile and efficient than their peers.

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