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Customer Centricity for a Superb Customer Experience Journey.

On a daily basis, your brand image is under the influence of customer interactions, other brands, and social media. In today’s world of well-informed customers your brand image can erode rapidly when you're not constantly strengthening your customer's brand experience.

Your brand image is under continuous influence

The essence of a strong brand foundation.

Today’s experience sets tomorrow’s expectation.

Each positive experience cements the foundation of a strong brand image leading towards increased customer engagement, retention, and loyalty. In addition, a disappointed customer is five times more receptive to alternatives than a loyal one. Therefore, it is essential that you strengthen your product and service performance every single day.

How do you do this? By ensuring that your organization - including all its functions, people and processes- is aligned with the complete customer experience journey of your products and services. And this is the essence of Customer-Centricity.

The Customer-Centricity Principle

Your Customer Experience Journey as the Center Point of your Activities.

Making Customer-Centricity an integral part of your organization means that you are providing for operational excellence, a high level of customer retention, and best in class profitability.

The key success factor is the organization’s ability to orchestrate 8 Customer-Centricity drivers harmoniously along the Customer Experience (UX) Journey.

The Customer Experience Journey is encompassed by 8 Customer-Centric Drivers (Exhibit A)

Customer-centricity as part of your organization's DNA

Three decades of global change management taught us that an organization’s ability to orchestrate all eight drivers of Customer-Centricity (see Exhibit A) harmoniously along the customer experience is the key factor of success.

Customer-Centric leadership (1) is the first and clearly the most important driver of success. It takes perseverant leadership to orchestrate the 8 customer-centric drivers day in day out in a consistent and balanced manner by visibly promoting and applying customer-centric leadership. Operational quick wins should be addressed and resolved pragmatically, while driving conceptual strategic topics in parallel.

To ensure that all functions are aligned with the organization's value set and corporate identity, Strategic Planning (2) plays and essential role. Based on the principles of 'design thinking', all organizational functions, from finance, legal, and people management, to marketing, sales and operations have to collaborate as one team with the goal to create the ultimate customer experience.

Product (3) -and Customer Experience Journey (4) Design are next in line ensuring that the brand promise and service concept are translated into tangible deliverables that meet, or even better, exceed the customer's expectations. A sound service recovery procedure at every stage of the customer experience journey is essential to make the difference when it really matters!

During the operational stages of the customer experience journey, many unexpected things can occur and it takes engaged and empowered staff to ensure that each customer is receiving the product and service level that they are expecting. Hence, Staff Engagement (5) and Frontline Staff Empowerment (6) two drivers of great importance ensuring that expectations are being surpassed and customer loyalty is cemented.

Last but not least, Customer Feedback (7) and Business Metrics (8) are embodying the organization's ambitions, goals, and actual performance.

At every level of the organization, functions should have their own leading Customer Centricity metrics and receive relevant customer feedback to ensure that Customer-Centricity will be the main focal point and thus the ultimate driver of sustainable success and best in class profitability.

The Strategic Role of Encompass Marketing

Enhancing your customer’s experience for sustainable results.

Aligning and translating the 8 drivers of customer centricity into tangible deliverables at all stages of the customer experience journey. That's what Encompass Marketing is about.

Marketing enablers driving customer-centric organizations.

Traditionally, the marketing function has been responsible for a number of Customer-Centric enablers such as: customer research and segmentation; brand positioning and service concept; e-commerce and loyalty management.

The core strategic role of Encompass Marketing is to ensure that all marketing enablers are aligned with the 8 Customer-Centric drivers and firmly embedded in all organizational functions.

Encompass Marketing is optimized when all organizational activities are based on data-driven customer insights, including big data CRM management, and AI (e.g. machine learning and ANN).

Encompass Marketing Services...our value added

We are utilizing our longtime experience and in-depth knowledge of customer journeys to support organizations in their journey of becoming genuinely customer-centric.

How to approach Customer-Centricity effectively?

That depends on your specific context. In case you would like to learn about the immediate benefits for your organization, we would like to suggest to conduct complimentary review session at your convenience.

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