Brand Portfolio Strategy

Brand Strategy

Establishment of a consistent Brand Portfolio Strategy

One Umbrella Brand and Six sub-Brands

New House Style and a Digital House Style Guide 

This multi-division company is a leader of professional services and system solutions for Government, institutions and corporate clients in Saudi Arabia.

Situation - Over the past 40 years, the fast paced organic growth of this company meant many new divisions were included without enhancing brand management. While many divisions are targeting and servicing the same (semi) Governmental and private sector customers, obvious inconsistencies in service delivery led to conflicting customer experiences at a client's level.

Taco Nieuwenhuijsen initiated and led the complete program.

Solution - To review the brand positioning and to deliver a family branding strategy, policy and service concept with Dar Al Riyadh as the umbrella brand and the divisions as endorsed brands.  

eMs Contribution - Initiated a re-positioning strategy of the brand portfolio incl. a coherent umbrella brand positioning│one company-wide service concept, with aligned propositions and corporate governance│developed the operational services processes and SOP’s for each divisional business line to guarantee a seamless customer experience throughout the circle of contact │developed and implemented of a new corporate house style throughout the whole company embodying all communication carriers, including a new corporate web site.