Customer-Centric b2b Funnel Strategy Deployment

Customer Experience Journey Performance 

Win/Bid ratio:

+23% points 

Customers NPS:

+27 points

This company is a multi-division leader of professional services and solutions for Government, institutions and corporate clients in Saudi Arabia.

Situation - The bidding process related professional services for (semi)Governmental organizations is long, time consuming and the integral out-of-pocket cost can run easily into six digit numbers' for larger bids. In addition, past customer experiences heavily affect the chance-to-win of future projects/contracts. 

Solution - To encompass the customer experience of target clients in accordance with a customer-centric philosophy. Secondly, introduction of a consultative selling strategy to improve the conversion ratio of big-ticket opportunities, resulting into a significantly higher chance-to-win. 

eMs Contribution - Delivery of a customer centric program│identification of the factors driving customer satisfaction and retention during the delivery stage of a project, product, or service│conversion of the learnings into enhanced operational customer interface processes│design and introduction of continuous customer satisfaction measurement│identification of opportunities in the early stage by means of a consultative selling methodology providing significant advantage during the bidding stage.