Funnel Strategy Systems & Solutions Division in KSA

Strategic Change Program

Opportunity Funnel Growth:

+80% in 12 months


300% in 18 Months

With a solutions portfolio covering more than twenty global brands, This Systems & Solutions Division has been satisfying client needs of the Governmental, semi-Governmental and private sectors for more than 24 years in Saudi Arabia. 

Situation -  Due to a combination of changing needs of clients like Aramco, Sabic and Maaden, increased competition, and insufficient internal prioritization, the company was not achieving the expected financial results. 

Solution - A holistic evaluation of each PMC (product/market combination), combined with an internal organizational evaluation, followed by a revised product portfolio, commercial strategy and adjusted internal organization, resulted into a growth of the opportunity funnel by 80% to $480Mn, an increase of the gross margin by 6% points and a +300% increased profitability.

eMs Contribution - Interim Management│an external and internal assessment│a revised commercial strategy│development of a 3Y Strategic Business Plan │all business processes and organization re-engineered│introduction of new roles, new C&B’s, and recruitment of a new general manager.