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Customer Centricity Insights

Marketing enablers driving a Customer Centricity culture.

In the 1980s, Marketing Guru Professor Philip Kotler came up with ultimate definition of marketing: "fulfilling your target customer needs and wishes more effectively and efficiently than the competition". Although Kotler's definition changed overtime, so far, I personally have not come across a definition that describes the essence of marketing better.

Limitations of the traditional Marketing Role

Mass Marketing was the invention of the FMCG sector where it has been working very well since marketers have always been in the driver's seat of all the marketing-mix elements. Other roles involved in commerce, such as R&D, production, operations, sales, and key account management, have always followed the strategies as articulated by brand, and marketing management. 

In more complex environments such as large-scale services or high tech DCGs sectors - where the marketing role came onboard much later - Marketing has never really led and thus always struggled in convincing other functions of the importance of a customer focus. After all, the customer was not a top priority and Marketing was just one of the many contributors to the customer experience journey.

Essence of Encompass Marketing: 

Enabling Customer Centricity along the Customer Journey 

The traditional marketing function has been responsible for a number of Customer-Centric enablers such as: market mapping; customer research and segmentation; brand positioning and service concept; e-commerce and loyalty management.

The responsibility of Encompass Marketing goes much further by aligning and translating the 8 Customer-Centricity drivers into tangible deliverables at all stages of the customer experience journey.