Facilitate Strategy Articulation And Business Planning that resort results

Why are Customer-Centric Companies placing much Emphasis on Strategic Planning? 

Strategy Formulation & Planning

What We Do

We help with the process that involves the consideration, articulation, and selection of strategic directions that serve as guidance for the organization's upcoming business plan cycle.

Set the Direction

Firstly, together with the Management board we agree on the broad strategic directions before we are going to put a lot of effort in the articulation and translation of strategic initiatives.  A solid strategic direction articulates agreement on the 3 to 5 top imperatives for the organization for the coming 3-5 years. 

When required we firstly evaluate the existing mission, vision and core values.

Ensure feasibility

One of the main issues of strategy development is that the organization's abilities do not match with the ambition level, often resulting in disappointment and disengagement. Hence,  we also act as a sounding board to cross-check the feasibility, complexity, and sequence of chosen initiatives. 

Obtain Buy-in

We ensure that there will be a broad support for the plan, reaching from the board to key middle management and other professional stakeholders as it makes little sense the present strategies that are either not understood or accepted. 

Set the Process for Evaluation

We ensure there is a process in place that provides for regular feedback loops at all levels of the organization.

Business Plan Development

What We Do

We help clients with the production of their complete 3-year Business Plans.

Depending on the available internal resources we either provide expert support, facilitate, or produce the complete plan. 

Engage the Leadership Teams

An important condition for success is that leaders and key stakeholders are actively involved in each stage of the business plan production to ensure a successful implementation once the plan is ready. 

Produce a Comprehensive and effective Business Plan

Production of a business plan can be a very tough and challenging journey and it requires years of experience to develop a business plan that makes sense and is being used as a leading vehicle for strategic program management, tactics, projects, and personal tasks.

To ensure that the business plan is produced within the available time frame and at the right quality level, a number of steps need to be completed before the actual job begins. 

Main planning milestones of a strategic business plan production: