Digital Customer Journey Scan Healthcare Retailing

Customer Experience Journey Performance

Online behavioral consumer trends related to internet consumption, search subjects, buying behavior, etc.

In-depth overview of the most popular online search topics and terms.

A keyword-based deep dive into product/market segment combinations.

An in-depth search engine result page (SERP) analysis.

Multiple customer use-cases for top key-word search phrases.

A metrics-based competitive benchmark of the e-commerce funnel performance (incl. sales conversion rates).

This Dutch drugstore retailer serves consumers in multiple countries with over 300 physical stores in more than 40 cities and operates an e-commerce platform offering a complete assortment of healthcare and drugstore products and services.

Situation - Over the past years the company overhauled the complete brand concept by adding more value added services and revamping the offer portfolio. A new e-commerce platform was introduced a couple of years ago, however, neither the communication function, nor the e-commerce performance have been optimized to serve the company's commercial objectives.  

Solution - The first step consisted of a comprehensive 360° assessment of the complete online environment.
The Second step was an extensive advise of how to improve the organic search engine performance and to turn the Search Engine Marketing activities into a profit.

eMs Approach - We started with an extensive consumer internet behavior analysis which included direct and indirect information sources and research statistics. This was followed by an extensive Google Trens analysis to understand the relative popularity of over 40 health care related search phrases. Then we conducted for the top 15, an in-depth Search Engine Result Page analysis (SERP), and we analyzed 10 complete use cases for specific search terms. Then we  completed over 10 a heuristic  platform performance evaluations, and a metrics-based competitive benchmark of the e-commerce funnel performance. 

Results - The client received an extensive road map that included multiple online and offline strategic, tactical, and operational enhancements for the short, mid, and long term. In the meantime, the SEM driven e-commerce activities have become profitable and the e-commerce sales has grown with over 60% compared to the previous period.