Customer Value Proposition Creation

Customer Centricity Insights

The essence of a well-articulated Value Proposition for a successful delivery of new products and services.

As a best practice, design of new products and/or customer journeys from a Customer Centricity perspective begins with the articulation of an unambiguous Customer Value Proposition (CVP). 

Whereas the Brand Position Guide provides an effective oversight of the overall brand identity, the CVP related to a product, service, or customer experience journey, is appreciating and addressing specific differentiators and customer values of that . 

Hence, the customer value proposition is the obvious starting point of a customer-centric design process.

The Customer Value Proposition Guide

Essentially, the Customer Value Proposition (CVP) summarizes the main reason why a customer should buy the product or use a service. The CVP statement should convince a potential consumer that the particular product or service will add more value or better solve a problem than other similar offerings.