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For ambitious organizations, we deliver customer-centric digital transformation change through strategic design, governance operating modeling, comprehensive roadmaps, and omnichannel customer journey improvements. 

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Manama, 2024

Exceed Your Customer’s Expectations Endlessly!

Why is continuous digital customer Journey enhancement more important than ever before?

On a daily basis, your brand image is affected by customer interactions, other brand journeys, and social media reviews. 

In today’s world of well-informed customers, your brand image is much more exposed than ever before and a disappointed customer is five times more receptive to alternatives than a loyal one. 

Each positive customer experience cements the foundation of a strong brand image, leading toward customer retention and loyalty. Because today’s experience sets tomorrow’s expectations, you need to improve your customer’s brand experience every single day. 

How do you do this? By ensuring that the whole organization, business processes, and systems are designed -and run in accordance with strong Customer-Centricity principles.

The Customer Centricity Principle

The Customer Journey… At the Center of your Activities

Customer Centricity is an inseparable part of your organization's DNA. 

Three decades of global change management taught us that an organization’s ability to optimize the alignment between its Business Activities and Customer Journeys is the key factor of sustainable profitability.

Orchestration of the 8 drivers of success along the Customer Journey is the key to successful Customer Centricity.
Model: "Eight Drivers of Customer Centricity Success" by eMs

Customer-Centric organizations are well-positioned for:

Our Approach

To achieve optimal value-added, we review your business challenge from a 360° perspective.

The starting point of our approach is always to understand your needs, challenges, and ambitions. Regardless of whether the subject concerns strategy development, branding, e-commerce, or user interface enhancements.

Our Value Proposition

We are primarily a ‘business performance booster!’

We bring over 35 years of multi-sector B2C and B2B top -and bottom-line senior leadership experience. The main commonality of our achievements has always been a technology-enhanced and information-driven customer-centric philosophy.

Our achievements include strategic turnarounds, Customer Centricity roadmaps, new service concepts, and customer journey design implementations; but also repositioning of major brands and loyalty program design are part of our portfolio.

In case of an operational requirement, we will propose pragmatic actions. At the same time, we will be proposing more fundamental options for your consideration.

Our philosophy is to address each situation with the conviction that our solution is adding value to your overall goals. 

Regardless of the business process or the root cause, our value-added is embedded in our ability to holistically, but timely assess your situation and to propose a tailored, cost-effective solution.

Our Solutions Portfolio

Solutions designed to boost your Results!

Our services encompass the complete spectrum of customer-centricity, from strategy development and digital transformation to business process re-engineering, omnichannel CRM, digital marketing, e-commerce, and loyalty management.

We also provide operational, hands-on support to reach prospective customers more effectively. Our support includes sublime customer insight, digital marketing (SEO, SEM, SMM, CR optimization), proposition development, multichannel CRM, web-store design, funnel management, content selection -and presentation.

The following overview gives you an idea of the expertise that our teams bring:

Strategic Planning

Digital Transformation

Customer Centricity

Omni-channel CRM

Business Process Re-engineering

Brand Management

Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing


Loyalty and Retention

Business Development 

About Encompass Marketing Solutions

Supporting our clients make significant and lasting improvements to their business performance.

We are a boutique consulting firm supporting selective clients to make significant and lasting improvements to business performance and goals. 

Due to our agility and lean setup, we are able to align ourselves with our client’s specific needs and deliver superb value for money. 

Our value-added contribution varies from one-day strategy reflection sessions to customer-centricity workshops, and from business assessment projects, to complete CX/UX implementation projects and interim management.

Encompass Marketing Solutions is a typical network firm, meaning that we are able to bring aboard independent specialists when their value is justified. Our agile organization enables us not only to select the right specialist for the job but also maintains a low overhead allowing us to provide genuine value for money.

When third-party services are required, we will either partner with your preferred suppliers or bring our network partners.

Taco Nieuwenhuijsen

Founder & Managing Director Encompass Marketing Solutions

I am a reflective change leader, bringing over 35 years of top -and bottom-line global management experience in international dynamic markets. 

The commonality of my multi-industry experience has always been a Customer-Centric philosophy driven by data-driven customer insight.

My credentials include the conception and successful implementation of a significant number of MNC disruptive global change programs, financial turnarounds, Internet startups, and differentiating customer propositions in passenger air travel, consumer e-commerce, and technology services. 

I enjoy driving complex programs from a holistic contextual perspective, adding new business concepts, orchestrating functions while engaging stakeholders, aligning overlapping processes, and integrating technology solutions.

Please contact me directly for an open conversation to discover what I can do to enhance your performance and reach your business goals: