Create a distinctive and compelling Customer Value Proposition

Produced Customer Value Proposition Guides

Why is a well-articulated Value Proposition essential for a successful delivery of new products and services?

Customer Value Proposition

What We Do

We help developing an insightful and business specific Customer Value Proposition (CVP) as a starting point of a Customer Centric design process, regardless whether it concerns a physical product, a service proposition, or a customer experience journey.

Develop a deep and representative Understanding of the Target Audience

As a first step, we thoroughly review and define all relevant aspects and dimensions related to the target audience.

When needed, we collect additional information using secondary information sources and/or conduct primary market research to ensure we obtain the data required to reach an accurate level of customer segment insight.

Addressed aspects:

  • How to define the target customer segments?

  • Which needs, wants, or problems have to to be resolved?

  • What are the constraints customers are currently facing while addressing their needs, wants, or problems?

  • What are the expected customer benefits from the solutions that we are offering?

  • Is the target audience attracted by competitive offers or alternatives?

  • Are there distinctive differences between the sub-segments in the way they experience their journey as a prospect and/or customer?

Production of the Customer Value Proposition Guide

Once the above mentioned questions are convincingly answered we can begin to build the Customer Value Proposition Guide.

A series of interactive sessions are conducted to support to process of jointly arriving at a balanced, transparent, and well-articulated CVP Guide.

The CVP Guide production process, including reviews, will take about one month.

Sharing and cascading the CVP Guide throughout the organization

We support the process of cascading the CVP Guide internally among all relevant stakeholders ensuring that everyone is knowledgeable of the Customer Value Proposition before going into the next stages of designing, mapping and testing products and services.