Elevate Marketing to a Strategic Level

Why is Encompass Marketing so pivotal in the success of Customer Centricity?

Encompass Marketing Management

What We Do

We help you to elevate Marketing to a strategic level driving a Customer-Centric culture.

The core strategic role of Encompass Marketing is threefold. Encompass Marketing facilitates the alignment of all marketing enablers with the 8 drivers of Customer Centricity. Secondly, Encompass Marketing helps the various organizational functions with the comprehension -and implementation of the 8 drivers of Customer Centricity. Thirdly, Encompass Marketing supports the orchestration of the organizational functions, marketing enablers, and Customer-Centricity drivers along the Customer Journey.

Establish a Road Map for Encompass Marketing Success

Together with relevant stakeholders, we develop a three year's road map and a one year operational program driving an effective Encompass Marketing function. 

Depending on the business context and the ambition level, each of the beneath-mentioned stages will be thoroughly addressed, deepened, and implemented. 

At each stage, we provide our insights and views helping you to decide on the pace and level of sophistication suitable for your business. 

Deliver Market Analysis that make a Difference

Marketing without an in-depth understanding of the market -and customers is a rather slippery slope. 

Therefore, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of market analysis and business assessment services providing the required insights on the basis of which you are able to develop robust strategies and plans.

Market Analysis Examples:

Deepen the Expertise of Market Segmentation & Targeting

Jointly with the internal marketing teams, we conduct programs to deepen the expertise in segmentation and targeting. 

Firstly, we evaluate and address the applied statistical segmentation methodologies and segmentation criteria, such as demographics, ethnographics, psycho graphics, and behavioral aspects driving customer segments. 

For the purpose of enhancing segmentation and a higher effectiveness of marketing targeting we either utilize quantitative market research, AI-based software, or other statistical analysis methodologies.

Establish & Grow Customer Insight Management

Encompass Marketing is optimized when all organizational activities are based on data-driven customer insights, which include big data, data-based CRM, and AI (e.g. machine learning and ANN). 

We help evolving the Encompass Marketing role as such that it provides continuous customer insights with the help of scalable technology solutions.

Develop Strategic Marketing Plans based on Customer Insights

The articulation and development of Strategic Marketing plans based on extensive Customer Insights is an integral part of our portfolio. 

We produce and/or support the production of complete plans, including generic marketing objectives and strategies, marketing metrics, marketing-mix strategies (e.g. pricing-mix strategies), and marketing tactics including off/online campaigns, sales promotions, etc.

Develop a deep understanding of the Target Audience

As a first step, we thoroughly review and define all relevant aspects and dimensions related to the target audience. 

When needed, we collect additional information using secondary research and/or conduct primary market research to obtain the data required to reach an accurate level of customer insight.

Addressed aspects: