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How to obtain a positive ROI from your digital solutions?

Although many research studies substantiate the claim that over 60% of digital projects disappoint and that the vast majority of purchased software is not being used to its full potential, most studies do not reveal the main root cause: a major gap between on one hand the user's abilities, interest, and needs, and on the other hand the application's functionality and user interface.

Software, SaaS, PaaS solutions are designed and implemented by very smart and well-educated specialists. They love what they do, are the subject matter expert in their field, and very passionate about their technology, product, or brand. 

Users on the other hand, are not. They are comfortable with the work or application they mastered over time, and although it might not be perfect, often it suits their needs. To them, a software solution or a digital platform is just a tool or instrument to achieve another goal, preferably, faster and better.

However, the issue is that most digital solutions are overspecified, too complex to understand for a layman, demand too much training, and require full time usage to develop the routine to become really effective. And that's a huge issue.

Functional Design Hospitality Booking Platform with real-time Inventory 

Most software solutions are too complex to use and offer more functionalities than organizations and users are able to digest. And since software, Saas and Paas licenses are expensive, while not being used effectively during the first years, the ROI is (very) negative most of the time.

And yes, we can place more emphasis on top management support, improve the articulation of operational procedures, provide better implementation support and more training. However, we will never be in an optimal situation and thus we will continue to create disappointments, unless we begin to do things differently.