Operational Customer Journey Enhancement Program

Obtain in 4 weeks over 25 qualified Quick Wins and Short Term improvements that enhance your customer journeys

What Is the purpose of the operational Customer Journey Enhancement Program?

What is the program outline?

The program consists of six steps that follow each other rapidly, as such, that the whole exercise is completed within 4-6 weeks. The six steps include:

What can you expect to Receive?

Customer Journey quick wins, short-term improvements, and expert advice based on decades of Customer Experience Management in Retail, FMCG, B2C, and B2B Services.

What will you receive?

Examples of quick wins/short term enhancements

Examples of expert advice

what does the operational Customer Journey Enhancement Program cost?

The program price starts as low as BHD 6,500 (ex VAT) for a channel journey review. 

Program prices vary depending on the number of journeys, channels, customer touchpoints, and customer segments.

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