Operational Customer Journey Enhancement Program

Obtain in 4 weeks over 25 qualified Quick Wins and Short Term improvements that enhance your customer journeys

What Is the purpose of the operational Customer Journey Enhancement Program?

  • Assess a selected customer journey in a short time frame...

  • To identify and generate minimal 25 qualified customer journey quick wins and short term improvements…

  • Which can be implemented within 16 weeks…

  • To benefit both your customers and internal stakeholders (e.g. frontline staff)...

  • And will increase their engagement and satisfaction.

What is the program outline?

The program consists of six steps that follow each other rapidly, as such, that the whole exercise is completed within 4-6 weeks. The six steps include:

  1. Scope the assignment: Select the customers, journeys, channels, brand touchpoints that will be reviewed.

  2. Conduct secondary research: Obtain and review inputs that provide context and substance to the scope.

  3. Conduct stakeholder interviews: Obtain relevant situational information to enrich the secondary research and add focal points.

  4. Conduct heuristic pre-experience research: Review the need identification, orientation, decision making, and buying phases.

  5. Conduct heuristic product/service experience research: Review pre-use, use, and post-use phases.

  6. Generate Quick wins and short term improvements: List, review, categorize, prioritize, and make actionable.

  7. Optional - Implement the selected quick wins and short term enhancements: roll out, implement, consolidate, and evaluate results.

What can you expect to Receive?

Customer Journey quick wins, short term improvements, and expert advice based on decades of Customer Experience Management in Retailing, FMCG, B2C, and B2B Services.

What will you receive?

  • A minimum of 25 qualified customer journey quick-wins/short term improvments to enhance your operational customer experience journey performance, and

  • Expert advice that serves as a basis for your customer experience initiatives, such as omnichannel CRM, customer journey funnel, and brand touchpoints.

Examples of quick wins/short term enhancements

  • Improvement of your organic search engine performance by applying targeted keyword strategies that are based on consumer search insights (i.e. monthly keyword search volumes and specific search phrases).

  • Adaptation of the look and feel of your APP to improve the customer effort navigation.

  • Adjustment of the frontline staff procedures related to price discount thresholds in case of damaged products.

Examples of expert advice

  • Functional and technical recommendations in reference to your website architecture, UI, UX to improve the overall digital customer journey experience.

  • Advice related to your brand’s online presence by readjustment of your digital marketing-mix, i.e. organic search position, search engine marketing, and social media marketing.

what does the operational Customer Journey Enhancement Program cost?

The program price starts as low as BHD 6,500 (ex VAT) for a single channel journey review.

Program prices vary depending on the number of journeys, channels, customer touchpoints, and customer segements.

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Benefit from an enhanced digital Customer Journey...

More Effective Customer Engagement

Higher Customer Spend

Increased Customer Loyalty and Brand Advocacy

Higher Profitability