Growing a Customer Centricity Culture 

What are the 8 drivers of a Successful Customer Centricity Culture?

Customer Centricity Implementation

What We Do

We help you grow a Customer-Centric Culture in the most effective -and pragmatic fashion possible.

Regardless of the status of your business or the depth of the issue, our value added is embedded in our ability to holistically assess your business context rapidly and to help you design tailored long-term strategies and implement short-term quick wins.

Obtain a comprehensive reflection of the maturity level of applied Customer Centricity.

To guarantee you a timely value added proposal for a great value for money, we are following a straightforward approach:

Establish a Road Map for Customer Centricity Success

The Customer Centricity Roadmap involves all drivers of success and depending on the status of each drivers, will included many different routes. In some cases we might be able to take shortcuts, while in others we have to make a D-tour.

Roadmap routes include amongst others:

Grow buy-in amongst all stakeholders by sharing Customer Centricity insights. 

The Encompass Marketing Role is instrumental in the creation of enthusiasm for the benefits -and application of Customer Centricity. 

Initiatives include:

Develop and implement tactical instruments to create internal awareness and engagement:

Deliver Customer Centricity Solutions that answer your context and ambition level.

We Tailor all our solutions specifically to your needs:

It is our philosophy to address each situation with the conviction that our proposition is adding value to your overall goals. In case of an operational requirement, we will propose a short term solution. At the same time we will provide you with more long term options for your consideration.

Solutions at a Strategic Level:

Our services encompass the complete spectrum of Encompass Marketing, from strategy development and service concepts, to digital marketing, e-commerce, CRM, retention and loyalty management.

We are also providing operational, hands-on support covering all aspects of Customer Journeys. 

Our operational support includes: