Ecommerce Funnel Enhancements

Customer Experience Journey Performance

Booking Conversion Rate:

+1.2% points 

Average Cost per Booking:


This travel platform offers travelers the best accommodation selection for each occasion. 

Situation - This platform was launched in 2012 as a regional Arabic online travel guide (11Mn Arab visitors from over 45 countries in 2016). In 2016, it was agreed to pivot the platform into a commission-based accommodation booking platform. However, this appeared to be a costly strategy yielding limited revenue. 

Solution - To transform the platform from a regional online travel guide (11Mn Arab visitors in 2016) into a fully-fledged accommodation booking platform. 

eMs Contribution - By means of CEO interim management services, provided hands-on leadership related to a wide variety of strategic, business process enhancements, tactical and operational marketing services, beginning with concept and strategy development. 

eMs delivered a KSA-based generic growth strategy. Subsequently, conducted a consumer research and competition benchmark revealing new insights potential unserved consumer needs. Piloted the articulated proposition and developed a 5Y business investment plan. 

Based on the newly developed strategic direction, the user experience and accompanying business processes were enhanced. In addition, eMs articulated the operational UI content and performed paid search campaign management in line with agreed key performance indicators.