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“Xtra value...Xtra happiness” 

The opportunity to participate in the Region’s Most Rewarding Hospitality Platform. is a joint initiative of Encompass Marketing Solutions (eMs) based in Manama. 

eMs has developed a disruptive hospitality proposition that aligns consumer needs and hospitality operators’ goals better than any other platform available today.


While it is our ambition offering a wide variety of hospitality services in a large number of countries, our initial focus is on short term (up to 30 says) -and long term (beyond 30 days) stay accommodation (hotels, apartments, etc.) in Saudi Arabia and UAE, named StayXtra, offering exceptional benefits for travelers.

Before arriving at our business proposition, we extensively studied the market context:

'StayXtra raises the consumer’s experience journey and operator’s value-added to an unprecedented new level.' 

Our launch marketing program is named StayXtra, offering short -and long-stay accommodation on one platform at great value for money, unique service features, and a new level of transparency. 

Consumer Target Segments 

GCC countries

Citizens NRS social classes: A, B, C1.

FIT segments: HRL, VFR, personal, business, religious and pilgrimage.

Asian markets (e.g. India, China, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia)

NRS social classes: A,B,C1.

FIT pilgrimage requiring an Umrah visa (destination KSA).

HRL, personal, business (destination UAE).

StayXtra Consumer’s Proposition

Today, many consumers are experiencing challenges when booking their short and long-term stay.

Challenges Travelers are facing today:

StayXtra Benefits for travellers:

StayXtra Operator’s Proposition 

Most property operators are facing challenges as well. 

Operator Challenges:

StayXtra Benefits for Operators:

Our Operationalization Plan