Revenue Booster Program

Boost Your Revenue in 4 steps.

A Tailored Performance Program...

Excellent Customer Experience Insight...

Predictive Analysis…

Customer Journey Metrics Focus…

Result-driven Operationalization.

Reach a new level of Customer Journey Performance unleashing significant revenue growth. 

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Our promise: 

'Your expectations will be exceeded!'

360° Journey Perspective

Obtain a holistic perspective of your existing Customer Experience Journeys and their relative performance.

To  obtain a 360° perspective, we assess applied methodologies, list and categorize your data sources, interview all stakeholders, and apply mapping/heuristic methodologies.

Customer Profile Perspective

Target market segment profiles and customer life cycles generate very different customer experience journeys.

Therefore, we firstly review the applied methodologies behind the actual target customer segments, personas, and customer experience journeys. We'll also suggest further segmentation and profiling enhancements when opportune. 

Customer Journey Map

In order for us to create a sound picture of possible short term improvements, we map and evaluate each single customer touchpoint along each of the selected customer journeys.

Create Information Insight 

Thirdly, we'll collect and review all unstructured and structured product -and customer data sources to understand the available datasets required to understand the funnel performance in step 2.

$ Funnel Performance

Relate the Product / Customer Segment Performance to Financial Outcomes and Customer Equity.

To monetize the various customer metrics behind the revenue conversion funnel performance, we firstly have to complete the various product and customer insight perspectives. 

Creation of Analytical Datasets

We firstly convert all unstructured and structured product -and customer data into analytical datasets necessary to conduct the statistical analysis required to understand past, current, and future customer behavior. 

Revenue Performance

The analytical datasets allow us to conduct a series of statistical analysis of the revenue performance of the concerned product/customer segments (e.g. shopping basket and RFM analysis). 


To gain a better understanding of customer churn and loyalty metrics, we assess the customer lifetime value potential of the segment(s) involved. Depending on the situation, the technique to arrive at a sound LTV may vary from future projections to the use of AI-based statistical models. 

Funnel Metrics Benchmark

In addition, we benchmark the relative performance of the identified relevant customer journey funnel metrics against the main competitors.

Tailored Use Cases

Benefit from Senior Expert Guidance in the Design and Operationalization of Tailored Use Case Pilot Programs. 

Agreed Objectives

To understand the required investments and potential ROI, we firstly agree on the revenue objectives and the required performance marketing budgets.

Funnel KPIs and Leading Metrics

Subsequently, we set the funnel KPIs and leading metrics followed by the articulation of the  omnichannel strategy for each stage of the customer journey funnel. 

Prepare for Success

At this stage, the majority fast majority of our focus is on the design of the tailored omnichannel strategy. The goals is to be relevant throughout the customer journey by ensuring truly personalized engagement and relevant content. 

In addition, we need to list and select the required (software) tools to ensure the best possible operational program execution.

Guaranteed Results 

Hands-on support in executing, monitoring, and fine-tuning until the expected funnel results are reached.

In step four, we jointly implement the actual pilot, during which we will tap into our full palette of experience and expertise catering for optimal results.

Continuous Hands-on Support

Our ongoing support involves not only coaching sessions and support, but also the use and guidance of predictive analytics and dynamic segmentation to optimize each stage of the pilot program. 

Real-time Analysis

In anticipation of continuous corrective actions during the initial phases of the program, we utilize predictive analysis and real-time review tools on an ongoing basis.

Drive Results

Our commitment ...we provide our full support as long as it requires to bring the right level of implementation consistency reaching the agreed goals.

Benefit from an enhanced Customer Journey... 

More Effective Customer Engagement 

Higher Customer Spend

Increased Customer Loyalty and Brand Advocacy

Higher Profitability

Contact us to learn how we can tailor a Revenue Booster Program meeting your specific needs! 

Our promise 'Your expectations will be exceeded!