Digital Transformation based on Design Thinking principles 

How to obtain a positive ROI from your Digital Solutions?

Digital Transformation Strategy Formulation and Implementation

What We Do

Numerous Research Studies substantiate the claim that over 60% of Digital Projects disappoint and that the vast majority of purchased software is not being used to its full potential. We Do things differently.

Designing Digital Strategies that bring a sound ROI

Apply Design-Thinking principles to design a feasible Roadmap:

We help you utilizing your digital platforms and systems to their maximum potential, while ensuring a good ROI. Our holistic approach based on Design Thinking principles ensures that we jointly arrive at a balanced solution that serves the needs, maturity, and capabilities of your customer segments and your organization while optimizing the associated investment and out-of-pocket cost. 

At the same time we cater for scalability of the solution and possible enhancements to mature the digital solution along the organizational learning curve. 

From Paper to System Design

Follow the customer journey evolution:

At a tactical level, we are providing hands-on guidance on the translation of operational processes and procedures (SOPs) into functional graphic designs of the required digital platform(s) and support systems.

But we also assess the needs, requirements and abilities of the users to ensure we have a balanced solution that suits both the strategic direction while considering the operational needs.

Provide Support in the Tender Development Process

We are also able to provide support in the process of arriving at articulating RFPs and the assessment of proposals.

Implementation User Support

We also provide expert support on behalf of the users to ensure that the digital solution is doing what it is supposed to do with respect to user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).