Grow E-Commerce Funnel Conversions and Digital Transactions more effectively

Why does a sustainable E-Commerce business start with Customer Centricity?

E-Commerce and Digital Transactions

What We Do

Many people think that selling online is more profitable than selling in the traditional way. And although this was true for a long time, competition has become so intense that you need to design and manage all funnel conversion ratios meticulously to obtain attractive gross profits on an ongoing basis.

Customer Buying Journey Analysis 

Obtain an in-depth understanding:

Stage one of creating a successful E-Commerce business is to obtain an in-depth understanding of your target audience's buying-decision journey ensuring the right tactics are being applied at the right time. Relevance is everything and you can only be relevant when you know which prospect customer is expecting what at which moment in the buying journey.

If not, you are running a major risk of either wasting a lot of marketing budget and consequently have a very high cost of conversion or have no conversion at all. We the designing, mapping, and analyses of each stage of the buying-decision Journey ensuring that a balanced commercial strategy will is agreed upon and put in place before spending a lot of budget on action-driven advertising.

Sales Funnel Design

Design the digital funnel:

The second step of a sound E-Commerce strategy is to design the digital funnel in accordance with the decision-making journey of the chosen target audience. 

A sound digital funnel includes off-line touch points, as well as-the use of on-line satellite platforms, such as social media, search engines, and customer review sites. The store platform funnel design considers and caters for each stage of the purchase decision-making journey and is visible in each page.

The store platform funnel design includes: 

Design of digital Customer Touchpoint presentation

The importance of intuitive digital touchpoints:

Intuitive digital customer touchpoints are more relevant than ever before due to a saturation of digital offers on one hand and increasingly experienced customers on the other hand. Digital customer touchpoints are those online and mobile interactions where consumers engage with your brand and proposition(s) across different devices, from smartphones to mobile tablets, and various channels including social media and websites. 

To create stickiness, not only a platform should be very fast, user-friendly and intuitive, but also meet a series of table stakes any user is expecting nowadays from an E commerce platform.  

Customer touch point design considers topics, such as: 

Grow Funnel Management Effectiveness

Funnel management is the art of optimizing the sales or order conversion ratio in relation to the number of visitors. Before articulating the funnel strategy it is important to understand the customer buying journey and to decide which events and customer interactions will take place on your own platform and on other platforms and in the social media area. 

In order to manage the E-commerce funnel successfully,  an E-commerce platform requires a whole series of integrated tools and features embedded in the platform. 

Examples of tool and features are: 

Conversion Rate Management and Optimization (CRO)

The sales or transaction conversion rate is the single most important metrics of your e-commerce business. The CRO process involves understanding how users move through your site, what actions they take, and what's stopping them from completing your goals. 

Before you reach a sales or order conversion, there are many related leading metrics that you have to understand and manage to reach a sound conversion rate at a healthy average cost per conversion.  

We use our longtime experience gained in multiple E-commerce sectors to set the required funnel metrics, resulting into the desired sales-conversion. To achieve the set goals, we will run experimental programs and measure the results while gathering customer feedback. When possible we will suggest to use AI software to reduce the time to market by measuring many aspects simultaneously.