360° Digital Consumer Purchase Journey Review

Gain in just 6 weeks a better-than-ever insight into your customer's digital purchase journey.

What Is the purpose of the 360° Digital Consumer Journey Review?

You will gain unique insights into your digital/online environment and your customer’s online purchase journeys from six complementary perspectives.

What deliverables can you expect?

Based on the gained customer insights, you will receive tangible QUICK-WINS to improve your operational digital marketing performance and EXPERT ADVICE as a basis for your omnichannel CRM, customer journey funnel, and brand touchpoints. 

What insights will you gain?

Examples of quick wins/short term enhancements

Examples of expert advice

What is the program outline?

The program consists of six steps that follow each other rapidly, such, that the whole review is completed within 6 weeks:

What does the 360° Digital consumer purchase Journey Review cost?

The program price starts as low as BHD 8,500 (ex VAT) for a complete digital customer purchase journey review. 

Program prices vary depending on the number of journeys, channels, customer touchpoints, and customer segments.

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Deep dive & use case illustrations

Illustration - deep dive "most popular" search words Health - Blood pressure

Illustration  - deep dive "most popular" search words Health category

Illustration  - deep dive "most popular search words" drugstore assortment

Illustration  - deep dive "most popular" search words Health: Medicine

Illustration  - deep dive "most popular" search words Health category: Belly

Illustration - Use case Mycosan Marketing ROI calculation of the e-commerce funnel