Articulate A Distinctive and Sustainable Brand Positioning Strategy

Why is a carefully chosen and well-defined brand positioning a "must-have" asset for any company?

Brand Image Studies

What We Do

We offer hands-on expertise with the production of complete brand image studies and brand positioning strategy articulation.

Brand Positioning Studies

We manage and guide the complete process of brand positioning studies. 

The activities include but are not limited to the following: 

Brand Perceptual Mapping

What We Do

We provide full-service support to organizations in establishing brand perceptual maps.


The brand perceptual mapping process includes the required research, technical design, and statistical analysis to interpret the results and to draw insightful conclusions. Our value added is based on the extensive experience with international brand strategy development, which we acquired over many years. 

Depending on the availability of representative information, the process takes between three and fourteen weeks. When required, we will firstly conduct a brand positioning study, which is addressed in the previous section: 'brand positioning study'.

Brand Positioning Articulation

What We Do

We help to create a fully-fledged Brand Positioning Guide to express the organization's brand position and identity to all brand representatives.

Brand Positioning Canvas articulation

To express the brand position and identity, we help to create a Brand Positioning Canvas for all internal brand representatives ensuring consistency of all brand touch points across the product portfolio and along the customer experience journey.

The main aspects of the Brand Positioning Canvas are:

Brand Style Manual Development

The Brand Style Manual includes guidelines for the brand’s identity and voice, especially the logo, any typefaces used within the logo and marketing material and Web Styles to help developers keep elements like buttons and forms consistent across multiple web pages.

A well-defined Brand Style Manual helps: