Strategic Change Retailing: E-commerce platform

New Ventures

From Concept to Live in 4 months

Average Cost per Sale: From EUR 85 to EUR 25 in 4 months 

From Loss to Profit in 14 Months

Domoces is an MNC subsidiary company of e-commerce platforms selling DIY home automation solutions and products.

Situation - A global MNC division selling smart home automation products through traditional DIY chains in Germany was loss-making for a consecutive period of 10 years. Taco Nieuwenhuijsen was acquired as the Managing Director of the division to come up with a disruptive strategy that would bring an end to the negative track record to date.

Solution - A complete retreat from traditional DIY retail chains and the establishment of an e-commerce company. was profitable in 14 months. The second platform  was introduced a few years later and is currently one of the largest e-commerce platforms of DIY home electronics in Central Europe.   

eMs Contribution - Market assessment│vision and ambition articulation│brand strategy and positioning│customer experience process and the related operational processes│ development of e-commerce platform│establishment of the e-commerce company│ build up a team of online marketing/e-commerce experts driving the on-line marketing and e-commerce programs in central Europe.