Create Associative Mind Maps disclosing underlying Relationships that matter

Why mind mapping is such a powerful exercise to start the brand positioning process?

Associative Mind Mapping

What We Do

We support the creation of associative mind maps for the purpose of obtaining a comprehensive picture of the complete brand context and all possible brand touch points. 

Production of the associative mind map is a collaborative team exercise that can be conducted either face-to-face or by making use of collaborative online tools. The whole process takes about two weeks, including preparation, group mapping sessions, and reporting.


Awareness and Interest Creation Amongst Stakeholders

To prepare for an effective session and a rich outcome, we firstly create internal awareness and interest in the mind mapping exercise amongst the various leadership teams. Often, we conduct multiple expert interviews to ensure we do not miss out on relevant contributing functions within the ecosystem. Together with the relevant leadership teams, we select potential participants and conduct one or more information sessions to introduce the principles of the associative min mapping session, to align expectations and to answer questions. On the basis of the initial steps, the final list of participants will be made and invitations send.  

Facilitate the Interactive Session(s)

Selecting the right Session Strategy

Depending on the size of the ecosystem, we will conduct one or multiple sessions, spreading over one or two days. During the session(s), we ensure that everything is captured and recorded. The session is conducted by an experienced facilitators who understands not only the techniques of mind mapping, but also is an expert in engaging with people and stimulating creative thinking processes to ensure we take the most out of the sessions.  

Alternatively, we can make available an online platform open to participants to contribute at their own convenience for set number of days. This setup offers more flexibility and time for participants to provide input and feedback.

Produce the Output and ensure Follow up

Producing Output that adds value 

The output and follow up is at least as important as the first two steps. The output consists of one or multiple mind maps, a written evaluation of the sessions and the findings of the facilitator. In addition, an overview of identified issues and possible quick wins is being produced as well. 

Follow up activities depend on whether the mind mapping exercise is part of a complete Brand Strategy Program or not.