Digital Customer Experience Roadmap Design Financial Services

Customer Experience Journey Performance

360° Digital Customer Life Cycle Analysis 

Business Process Root Cause Analysis 

Seven Business Cases Encompassing over 20 programs

Over 75 Short Term Improvements and Quick Wins 

This Financial Institute manages a loan solutions portfolio of over US 15 Bn. helping private sector companies with their financing needs varying from working capital to long term investments.

Situation - In 2019, it was decided to digitize all client life cycle stages, including client/project eligibility screening, loan application acceptance, disbursement, and repayment. 

However, both client representatives and internal users have been facing challenges since the introduction of the platform. Taco of eMs led the project with a local team of 6 people. 

Solution - The outcome was a comprehensive 360° assessment of the client journey, core and supplementary processes, internal policies, platform, organization, and strategic alignment. Secondly, a roadmap encompassing short, mid, and long term customer experience enhancements and customer centricity initiatives. 

eMs Approach - It was agreed with the client to break down the three months assignment into four stages: 

Stage 1: by means of internal stakeholder interviews, documentation review, and a heuristic evaluation that included Hotjar of the complete client portal journey, the situation was mapped and an initial assessment of the situation was done. 

Stage 2: this stage consisted of the fieldwork strategy implementation design and identification of initial bottlenecks, business process gaps, and generation of quick wins.

Stage 3: during this stage we conducted client focus groups, quantitative client journey assessments, and internal user workshops│issue prioritization, opportunity identification by means of mind mapping, root cause hypothesis cross-analysis sessions with all stakeholders.

Stage 4: the final stage included conclusions, the road map articulation, client presentation, and documents handover. 

Results - Over 35 quick wins identified during the course of the project│An 800+ page assessment of the internal and external environment, root cause analysis, conclusions, etc.│ A roadmap encompassing 35 short term UX improvements, 32 mid term business enhancement programs bundled in 7 business cases, and long term Customer Centricity outline.