Enhancing your customer’s experience for sustainable results.

That's the Strategic Role of Encompass Marketing.

Marketing enablers are driving Customer-Centric Organizations.

Translating the 8 Customer-Centricity drivers into tangible deliverables and orchestrating them along each stage of the customer experience journey. 

That's the essence of Encompass Marketing!

Encompass Marketing: 

Aligning Marketing Enablers with the eight Customer-Centricity Drivers

Traditional Marketing Role

Traditionally, the marketing function has been responsible for a number of Customer-Centric enablers such as customer research and segmentation; brand positioning and service concept; e-commerce, and loyalty management.

Strategic Role of Encompass Marketing 

Today, the core strategic role of Encompass Marketing is to ensure that all marketing enablers are aligned with the 8 Customer-Centric drivers and firmly embedded in all organizational functions.

Customer Insight

Encompass Marketing is optimized when all organizational activities are based on data-driven customer insights, including big data CRM management, Customer Data Platform, and AI (e.g. machine learning).