Align your Digital Touch points with your Customer's Journey

What makes Performance Marketing different from Traditional Marketing?

Performance Marketing Services Management

What We Do

We support the creation and management of all digital brand touchpoints along the customer experience journey resulting in a Net Promoter Score that surpasses that of the offline world.

Identification and Mapping of Digital Customer Touch Points

We help to identify, map and refine the customer touch points along the customer journey. To achieve this goal, we conduct customer research, produce benchmarks, facilitate focus group interviews, and talk with front line experts to obtain a detailed insight in the nature and scenarios of current and potential interactions. Simultaneously, we identify possible bottlenecks and re-engineer the existing procedures and standard operating procedures (SOPs).

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Design

The second step to arrive at an intuitive and user-friendly digital experience is the translation of the operational interactions, flow charts, and SOPs in an intuitive and self-explanatory design and an attractive look & feel. Strong copywriting, engagements scripts, and interactive illustrations/videos are in integral part of the design process.

Review and optimization of each process step is done with the support of either AI based software, A/B testing, or multivariate testing. 

Performance Marketing (SEM)

The art of performance marketing or search engine marketing (SEM) starts likewise 'good old fashioned' marketing with an in-depth insight in the target customer profile and the buying decision journey. 

With this information as a starting point, we begin selecting target audiences, identify search words, script a variety of ads, design landing pages and relevant call-to-actions depending on the stage of the buying decision journey. Once all of this is in place, it's going to be a matter of effective testing, improving and testing until we reach the optimal balance between target conversion rates, and cost per sale/transaction. A prerequisite for effective SEM is a sound brand image and brand trust among the target audience.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing is an increasingly dominant field of digital marketing, however, it requires a strong holistic approach to achieve the desired results. Too often, social media marketing is done without having clear objectives and strategies resulting in an unknown or negative ROI.

On the basis of a holistic insight of the brand environment, we articulate the social media ambition including the selection of the right channels and platforms, the right formats and the right metrics. Depending on the situation, we select dedicated platforms and channels for the sake of maintaining the brand image, while other platforms and channels are used to build brand awareness, image and to target potential suspects or prospects by means of social media marketing campaigns. 

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Although the value added of search engine optimization has reduced dramatically over the past few years due to the dominance of SEM and SMM, we are conducting analysis creating new insights in opportunities to increase the search page position of specific topics of search engines.  

Affiliate Marketing 

When suitable from a marketing and sales effectiveness perspective, we provide support to develop an effective tactical affiliate strategy to support short term leads and sales.