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What's the secret of launching New Business Ventures successfully?

Startups & New Business Ventures

What We Do

While working on startups and new ventures is exiting, one has to realize that the Vast majority of new ventures is doomed to fail which means a waste of capital, time, and possibly a good idea.

To increase the chance of success, it is essential to rigorously follow through a program of assessments -and to be ready to abandon the journey or to pivot whenever the set thresholds for success are not being met.

Business Situation Assessment

The process of kicking of a new venture starts with a holistic assessment of the market by means of secondary desk research and primary field research with the objective to obtain answers to the previously articulated approaches, incl. and accurate risk/opportunity analysis.

Articulation of a Vision, Mission and Ambition

We often begin new business ventures with the formulation of a well-defined ambition level, based on a clear vision of the future business context and the opportunity it offers.

We also help to arrive at a well-articulated mission - including the core purpose, competencies and key differentiators - that demonstrates a realistic long term commitment to achieve the vision.

Business Concept -and Business Model Ideation

On the basis of a holistic view of the future business context, we are developing a differentiating business concept and revenue model(s), including: target segments│customer proposition(s)│operating models.

Business Case Articulation

We are supporting you with the conduction of business cases, including: starting of with a sound definition of the business situation and/or opportunity│articulation of feasible options│possible approaches measured against agreed financial and business metrics.

Business Model Canvas Creation

On behalf of clients, we assemble and articulating the various content aspects of the business canvas, including: value proposition│key resources│key partners│key channels│cost structure│revenue streams, etc.

Strategic Business plan + 5 year Financial Planning

We provide support in the development of the strategic business plan with all its facets, including 5 years' forecasts.

A typical investment plan includes:

  • Market development and penetration.

  • Market shares.

  • 5 years sales and revenue development.

  • Margins and overheads.

  • 5 year financials: P&L│cash flow│ROI, terminal values and NPV.

  • Investor's Returns.

  • Financial scenarios.

Entry Strategy Formulation

We help organizations with all inclusive strategy articulation and development driving a successful market introduction.

The articulation of the generic objectives and strategies, include:

  • Time frames and planning sequence.

  • Milestones of all functional objectives and strategies, such as: marketing, sales, legal, etc.

  • Operational activities and budgets.

Concept Tests and Pilots

We support organizations with the complete program of running concept tests and pilots.

Programs of concept tests and pilots include:

  • Goal setting.

  • Duration and timing.

  • Selection of context and universe and sampling method.

  • Engagement strategy.

  • Obtaining feedback and measuring results.

Design organization set-up

By means of establishing multiple startup companies, we have gained the experience to setup new legal entities, also abroad. When required we can provide insights and hands on support in setting up new organizations.