ems partnership network

together, we bring over 50 years of B2C and B2B top -and bottom line leadership experience from multiple service sectors, digital marketing, e-commerce initiatives, and retailing.

The main commonality of our achievements is technology-enhanced and data-driven customer-insight.

Taco Nieuwenhuijsen

Managing Partner

Customer-Centric Change Leader in Dynamic Global Markets

Taco is a result-driven reflective change leader, bringing over 30 years of top -and bottom-line global management experience in international dynamic markets. The commonality of my multi-industry experience has always been a Customer-Centric philosophy supported by data-driven customer insight.

His credentials include the conception and successful implementation of a significant number of MNC disruptive global change programs, Internet startups, and differentiating customer propositions in passenger air travel, consumer e-commerce, and technology services.

Taco enjoys driving complex programs from a holistic contextual perspective, adding new business concepts, orchestrating functions while engaging stakeholders, aligning overlapping processes, and integrating technological solutions.

Taco is eagerly engaging with people and organizations that have the ambition to create and implement superb customer experiences for improved customer engagement, higher loyalty, and brand advocacy driving higher profits.