Featured Members

Together, we bring over 30 years of B2C and B2B top -and bottom line leadership experience from multiple service sectors, digital marketing, e-commerce initiatives, and retailing.

The main commonality of our achievements has always been a technology-enhanced and data-driven marketing philosophy.

Taco Nieuwenhuijsen


Customer Centric Change Leader in Dynamic Global Markets

"I relish dynamic environments and teaming up with people seeking to stretch targets and personal growth.

I believe that the drivers of sustainable profitability are a sound balance of entrepreneurial spirit, metrics management, and a robust customer-centric mindset to grow customer engagement and loyalty".

Taco is a thoughtful, performance-minded change enabler, bringing 30 years of entrepreneurial B2C and B2B leadership in global dynamic markets. He provides conceptual, but hands-on support developing customer-centric organizations based on technology-enhanced and data-based marketing.

His credentials include a significant number of Internet ventures and disruptive change programs in sectors such as airline/travel, retailing, and professional services. Taco is very tenacious concerning the usage of cloud-based convergence platforms to optimize customer processes, people engagement, and operational excellence.

Elena Cazacu

Principal Consultant Marketing

"I am creative marketing manager with 9+ years' of marketing strategy, communications & public relations experience in dynamic markets.

I am inspired by the believe that there are always alternative ways to achieve better results. While being high-paced and result-driven, I always keep a focus on high level quality outputs, and staying in close coordination with all stakeholders involved".

Elena holds a Masters in Communications and has over nine years of international experience in a variety of marketing roles in multiple industries. She has vast experience in the creation of business reports based on extensive market research, reaching from internalization strategies, and global competitiveness, to employee engagement, and change management.

In addition, she brings extensive internal communications experience. For instance, for Ubisoft she implemented internal corporate communication strategies, including execution of communication means (e.g. newsletters, brochures, collaterals, speeches and corporate presentations for annual events).