Product type-specific search queries -

Use Case ‘Huawei p30 lite’

Consumer Search Query Behavior Romania

While the majority of search queries for electronics and computers in Romania are based on a retailer brand name (e.g. eMAG or Altex), a product brand name (e.g. Samsung), or a generic device (e.g. tv), the most potential search queries from a customer journey perspective are product type-specific.

Illustrative: overview top product-branded search phrases June 2020 (estimation)

  • ‘Huawei p30 lite’ is the number one product type-specific search phrase in Romania with over 100K searches in June.

  • Prospect customers that are using specific product-type descriptions in their search queries have already entered the interest stage, funneled their purchase options, and the Huawei p30 lite is absolutely on their shortlist, if not on top of it.

  • These prospective customers are potentially interested in buying this specific model and are looking for more product specific information and/or prices.

Conclusion: Identification and locking prospect customers using product type-specific search queries should be the top priority of any retailer in Romania.

Search Query Results Page

When using the phrase ‘huawei p30 lite’ as a search query we notice that Orange is on top of the search results, and the only retailer that is using Google Ads to gain the number one position. This is potentially a very good tactic. However, eMAG is on the second row by means of an organic search result, which is offering eMAG sound commercial benefits from a financial perspective.

  • Large scale research shows that the #1 result in Google’s organic search results has an average CTR of 31.7%. The #1 organic result is 10x more likely to receive a click compared to a page in #10 spot. So when having a sound funnel conversion strategy in place, it does pay off to improve your organic search position and/or to invest in Google Ads.

  • In other words, the higher on the list, the more clicks you will gain. However, what many companies tend to forget, is that the landing page is very important to generate a prospect’s initial impression. Is this impression a disappointment, then the risk is that the next time this prospect will avoid your web site.

Illustrative: Search query result page ‘huawei p30 lite’

Search Query Landing Page

When looking at the landing page of Orange, then there is room for improvement.

  • Understanding the prospect’s search intention is essential in designing the right landing page. Prospects want to see relevant information instantly and not start another search on a web site.

  • An essential part of the landing page design is the CTA or call to action enabling you to understand the prospect’s goal, constraint, or wish to enable you to instantly adjust the content in line with the prospect’s need.

  • A good CTA also supports relevant retargeting. It happens too often that customers are either being targeted after buying a product/service or when they are not yet ready to buy. This untargeted manner of retargeting is doing more bad than good.

Illustrative: Landing page Orange for the search query ‘huawei p30 lite’

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